A new garden in 2022?

Another new year is upon us, the days are already getting that little bit longer, and beautiful Spring days are on the horizon. Hooray! It’s a time when I our thoughts turn to the months ahead and new beginnings. And if part of your plans for the year include a garden revamp or a totalContinue reading “A new garden in 2022?”

Celebrating one year in business

It’s been one whole year since I formally commenced my garden design career and during that past 12 months I have had many different experiences in many different gardens. No brief is the same and every challenge is unique. The diversity of garden designing is one of the most enjoyable things about it. And theContinue reading “Celebrating one year in business”

Planning for next summer

Get ahead and get your garden designed now for 2021 What a year it’s been. And how quickly the past six months have flown by. Now we find ourselves in September and on the highway to, dare I say it, Christmas. 2020 has been a whirlwind for us all, and from a garden design andContinue reading “Planning for next summer”

Achieving colour beyond summer

“How can I achieve colour all year round?” is a question I get asked a lot by clients. And the key to addressing this is in the planning and design of the garden whilst meeting the needs and preferences of the customer. It’s absolutely possible to have colour in the garden throughout the year andContinue reading “Achieving colour beyond summer”

Designing in lockdown

During the past few weeks I’ve been approached by a number of people asking me about what they can do with their gardens with seemingly limited access to plants and resources. Lockdown has impacted the supply chain of plants and compost – it has slowed massively whilst demand has surged. Great news for horticulture inContinue reading “Designing in lockdown”

Why get your garden designed?

You may have a garden that you’ve inherited with a house move, a garden which you’ve added to over the years or a blank canvas following the purchase of a new build property. Whatever the situation, a well designed garden can add value to your home in terms of resale but also in terms ofContinue reading “Why get your garden designed?”